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Director: Louis D'Esposito

Stars: Lizzy Caplan, Jesse Bradford, Maximiliano Hernández

Synopsis: Bennie (Jesse Bradford) and Claire (Lizzy Caplan), a down-on-their-luck couple find a discarded Chitauri gun referred to as 'Item 47' and decide to rob a few banks. S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Sitwell (portrayed by Maximiliano Hernández) is assigned by another agent, Blake (portrayed by Titus Welliver) to retrieve the weapon and "neutralize" (kill) the couple; during the briefing, the two reminisce about the recently deceased Agent Coulson. Sitwell tracks the couple down and the resulting confrontation results in the motel room where the couple are staying being wrecked, and all the stolen money blown to pieces. Instead of killing the couple, due to how Bennie modded the 'dead' Chitauri gun to work, Sitwell invite the couple to join S.H.I.E.L.D.; with Bennie assigned to the R&D 'think-tank' to reverse engineer the Chitauri tech, and Claire becoming Blake's assistant (Blake not being too keen on the idea).


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