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The film opens during a spring break beach party and then flashes back to a local college attended by friends Faith (Selena Gomez), Brittany (Ashley Benson), Candy (Vanessa Hudgens) and Cotty (Rachel Korine). Brittany, Candy and Cotty spend their spare time smoking and partying, and Faith attends a local religious youth group, although she seems distant and uninterested. While discussing her plans for spring break, members of her church warn her about her friends and describe Brittany and Candy as particularly dangerous. As their classmates head to spring break, they are stuck behind due to a lack of money. Desperate to make the trip, Brittany and Candy, after getting high on cocaine, don ski masks and use hammers and realistic-looking squirt guns to commit armed robbery at a local restaurant. Cotty acts as the getaway driver in a stolen car (obtained from one of the girls' professors), which the girls later burn.
Now able to make the trip to spring break in St. Petersburg, Florida, the girls attend wild beach parties and engage in reckless behavior. Faith, in a call to her grandmother, describes the trip as beautiful, claiming it is the most spiritual place she has ever been while cuts show partying and women urinating by the sidewalk. Shortly after, the three divulge the details of their crime to Faith, and she is clearly taken aback by the extreme nature of their actions. However, she chooses to overlook their crimes, as she feels that while it was wrong, it was done for a good reason. After a particularly wild party, all four are arrested, along with several party members. They spend the night in a holding cell, where Faith muses on the bad direction which the trip has suddenly taken. Facing another two nights in jail, they are suddenly bailed out by Alien (James Franco), a local rapper and gangster who was signaled to get the girls by two twins who work for him and knew the girls. He questions them about themselves, and reveals to them details about his childhood, his wealth and his occupation as an illegal drug and firearm distributor.
He takes them to a local gang club, where Faith becomes increasingly uncomfortable with his lifestyle. Despite his attempts to convince her to stay, she decides to leave and begs the others to come with her but they refuse, and she makes the trip home alone. The girls return to Alien's mansion, where he shows them the wealth from his illegal activities, describing his life as the "American Dream". During this demonstration he embraces Brit and Candy as his "soulmates". Taking them to a strip club owned by his local rival, Alien encounters a former friend and current rival gangster called Big Arch (Gucci Mane), who warns Alien to stop selling drugs in his territory and stick to robbing "Spring Breakers".
Alien ignores him and continues his activities, arming the girls with pink ski masks and shotguns, and together they perform several armed robberies on the "Spring Breakers". While in Alien's car they are approached by Big Arch and another member of his gang. After threatening them, he executes a drive-by shooting, and Cotty is shot in the arm. Despite Alien's promises of retaliation, Cotty is traumatized by the incident and chooses to return home. Brit and Candy remain behind, and begin a sexual relationship with Alien. The three of them decide to take revenge on Big Arch. In a flashforward, the two girls call home, promising to work harder and become better people and their ski masks are shown being thrown in the ocean.
Back in real time, the three travel in a motorboat to Big Arch's mansion. Not long after stepping onto the pier, Alien is shot by one of Big Arch's guards and dies. Brit and Candy proceed on, killing Arch's gang members before confronting Big Arch and shooting him dead. During the assault and its aftermath, the camera pans over the dead bodies of Big Arch's gang while a voice over from Candy describes the trip as beautiful, as she muses that they have found who they truly are. Brit and Candy are then shown driving home in Big Arch's Lamborghini. A final flashback shows the pair kiss Alien's dead body and credits roll.

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