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Description : Casey Ryback has retired from the United States Navy and is a chef at the Mile High Cafe in Denver, Colorado. Casey is taking his estranged niece, Sarah, to Los Angeles to visit the grave of Sarah's father. Sarah and Casey board the Grand Continental, a train traveling through the Rocky Mountains from Denver to Los Angeles. Terrorists led by a crime boss-turned former U.S. government employee and computer genius Travis Dane and mercenary leader Penn hijack the train, murdering the engineer and brakeman.
The terrorists cut train phone lines and take passengers and staff hostage, herding them into the last two cars. Casey kills one terrorist, then slips away. Dane worked on Grazer One, a top secret military satellite particle weapon for underground targets. The military fired Dane, who later faked his suicide.
Dane threatens two former Department of Defense colleagues with torture unless they reveal the codes to take over Grazer. Despite giving up the codes, they are thrown from the train and killed.
Middle Eastern terrorists have offered Dane $1 billion to destroy the Eastern seaboard by using Grazer to target a nuclear reactor located under the Pentagon. Dane demonstrates Grazer to investors by destroying a Chinese waste-processing plant. After one investor offers an additional $100 million, despite the weapon's primary intention for subterranean targets, Dane destroys an airliner carrying the investor's ex-wife.
The U.S. government has difficulty locating Dane or Grazer. When officials destroy what they think is Grazer, Dane explains the NSA's best intelligence satellite was destroyed instead. As long as the train keeps moving, his location cannot be determined. However, Casey also faxes a message to the owner of the Mile High Cafe, who relays the word to Admiral Bates. Bates quickly understands that Dane and the terrorists are on the train, and reluctantly approves a mission by two stealth bombers to destroy the train.
Zachs discovers that they are on the wrong tracks and are on a collision course with a Southern Pacific bulk freight train carrying gasoline tank cars. Casey kills the mercenaries one by one and releases the hostages, but Dane uses his computer skills to find the Stealth bombers and re-target Grazer to knock them out before they complete their mission. Meanwhile, Penn takes Sarah as bait for Casey. Casey confronts Penn, who is aware of Casey's military past. Casey disarms Penn and fatally breaks his neck.
Casey finds Dane about to depart in a chopper hovering over the train. When Dane informs Casey that there is no way to stop the satellite from destroying Washington, Casey shoots him. The bullet destroys his computer and injures Dane, who falls out of a window of the train. Control of the satellite is restored at the Pentagon and it is destroyed by remote control one second before it would have fired on the Pentagon.
The Grand Continental and freight train collide on a trestle, resulting in an explosion that destroys the bridge. Casey races through the exploding train, and grabs a rope ladder hanging from the chopper. Dane, who survived the gunshot and the crash, also catches onto the ladder. He attempts to climb onto the helicopter, but Casey shuts the door, severing Dane's fingers and causing him to fall to his death.
Casey informs the Pentagon that the passengers are safe, having previously detached the last two cars from the rest of the train. Later, Sarah and Casey pay their final respects at her father's gravestone.

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