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Description : The films opens in London in 1992, Paul Raymond (Steve Coogan) has returned to his flat after attending the funeral of his daughter Debbie (Imogen Poots). He puts a videotape of a TV programme they took part in and starts reflecting on their life.
the film then flashbacks to the late 1950s. Raymond is an impresario on the seaside variety show circuit where he is making a name for himself by adding semi-nude women to his variety acts. After an act in which a lion attacks some dancers his wife Jean (Anna Friel) takes part in the show. The Daily Sketch claims that she performed nude and sued them unsuccessfully. Despite this setback the ensuing publicity allows Raymond to launch his strip club the Raymond Revue Bar. The success of his club allows him to expand his property empire and also indulge in a playboy lifestyle which his wife tolerates.
In the early 1970s he moves into theatrical revues where he meets actress Amber St. George (Tamsin Egerton). Raymond moves in with her and his marriage to Jean ends.
Raymond is then approached by Tony Power to fund a men's magazine, Men Only. The magazine is a huge success, in part thanks to roving sex reporter Fiona Richmond, the pseudonym of St.George. Raymond continues to enjoy a hedonistic, coke-fuelled lifestyle. This becomes too much for St.George and their relationship ends.
Into this mix his daughter Debbie is introduced. Initially Raymond tries to make her a star in his theatrical ventures, but she lacks talent and the show is cancelled. To boost her self-confidence, Tony Power introduces her to cocaine and this leads to a downward spiral of substance abuse, in part aided by her father. She marries musician Jonathan Hodge, and has his child, sniffing a line of coke in the delivery room. She dies in 1992 of a heroin overdose.
The film ends with Raymond returning home with his grand-daughter telling them that the property he owns will go to them.

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