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Description : In the opening sequence of the Ultimatum, a wounded Jason Bourne evades Moscow police and disappears for six weeks. It is the continuation of the second-to-last shot of The Bourne Supremacy, where badly bruised Bourne meets the Neski daughter in Moscow after a high-speed car chase with the Russian assassin Kirill. At the CIA boardroom of Ezra Kramer, Bourne's audio tape; with Ward Abbott's confession (leading to his suicide in Supremacy), is made public by Pamela Landy (also a follow-up to the previous movie). Meanwhile, in Madrid, Guardian journalist Simon Ross meets a paid informant (soon confirmed to be Neal Daniels) to learn about Bourne and Operation Blackbriar. The CIA begins tracking Ross after he mentions Blackbriar over a random cell-phone call while returning to London from Turin. Bourne reappears in Paris, to inform the brother of his girlfriend Marie Kreutz, of her assassination in India (shown in the previous film).

Bourne reads about Ross's investigation of Treadstone and Blackbriar, and arranges a meeting with him at London Waterloo station. Bourne realizes that the CIA is following Ross and helps him evade capture, but Ross deviates from Bourne's instructions and is executed by Blackbriar assassin Paz, on orders of its director Noah Vosen.[6] Vosen is reluctantly assisted by Deputy Director Pamela Landy (Supremacy).

They both analyze photographs of Ross's wall-display and find his note, with initials of Neal Daniels as the source. Daniels is the CIA station chief in Madrid who was formerly involved in Treadstone and is now involved in Blackbriar. CIA's race against time begins, but Bourne makes his way to Daniels' office ahead of them. He finds it empty. He incapacitates the squad team sent by Vosen and Landy. Nicky Parsons arrives and decides to help Bourne. She is the former Treadstone support technician of 3 years (known from Supremacy). She assists Bourne in a trip to Tangier where Daniels has fled to.
Upon arriving in Tangier, Parsons tries to track Daniels' location on her laptop, but is firewalled, learning only that Blackbriar "asset" Desh Bouksani from Casablanca has been tasked with killing Daniels. Vosen sees that Parsons logged in to access information about Daniels and sends Desh after Parsons and Bourne as well, a decision Landy disagrees with. Bourne follows Desh to Daniels, but fails to prevent Daniels' death by a planted bomb. Bourne manages to kill Desh before he can kill Parsons, and subsequently sends Parsons into hiding. Bourne examines the contents of Daniels' charred briefcase and finds the address of the deep cover CIA bureau in New York City where Vosen directs Blackbriar.

Bourne travels to New York City. Landy receives a phone call from Bourne (in a repetition of the final scene of The Bourne Supremacy), which is revealed to be tapped by Vosen. Landy thanks Bourne for the tape he sent her which revealed the corrupt dealings of former Treadstone director Ward Abbott; she also tells him that his real name is David Webb and his birthdate is "4-15-71." Bourne tells Landy to "get some rest" because she "looks tired", which she and Vosen both understand to mean that Bourne is watching her. Vosen intercepts a text to Landy from Bourne of a location to meet up and leaves his office with a team to follow Landy and capture Bourne. Bourne breaks into Vosen's office and steals classified Blackbriar documents. Vosen sends Paz after Bourne, the two finally encountering each other in a car chase which ends with Paz forcing Bourne's car to crash into a concrete barrier. Bourne gets out and holds Paz at gunpoint before sparing his life and continuing on to 415 East 71st Street, memories of which were triggered by the false birthday he was given by Landy. Vosen also figures out Landy's code and warns Dr. Albert Hirsch, who ran Treadstone's behavior modification program, that Bourne is coming.

East River as seen from 59th Street Bridge, film location
Landy meets Bourne at the building, where Bourne gives her the Blackbriar files before going inside. Landy starts faxing the files to an unknown receiver, but is found by Vosen as the last page is sent. Bourne encounters Hirsch in an upper level and, with Hirsch's help, remembers that he volunteered for Treadstone. He then states that he is no longer Jason Bourne and flees to the roof from Vosen's pursuing CIA team. Bourne is confronted on the roof by Paz, who asks Bourne why he did not kill him. Bourne asks Paz if he even knows why he is supposed to kill him and repeats the dying words of The Professor—a Treadstone assassin Bourne had killed years earlier—"Look at us. Look at what they make you give." Paz lowers his gun as Bourne runs to jump off the roof, but Vosen appears and shoots at Bourne as he leaps into the East River below. Some time later, Parsons watches a television news broadcast about the exposure of Operation Blackbriar, the arrests of Hirsch and Vosen, a criminal investigation of CIA director Ezra Kramer, and David Webb, a.k.a. Jason Bourne, who was reportedly shot and fell into the East River. Upon hearing that his body has not been found after a three-day search, Parsons smiles. Bourne is shown swimming away underwater after his fall.

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