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Description : The wedding of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann is interrupted by Lord Cutler Beckett of the East India Trading Company, who has arrest warrants for them after they aided Captain Jack Sparrow escaping execution a year ago. He has a third warrant for Commodore James Norrington, but he resigned from his position and disappeared. Elizabeth is imprisoned, and Beckett sends Will to find Jack's magic compass, which points to whatever the holder wants the most at the time, in exchange for Letters of Marque which will make Jack a British privateer and ensure Will and Elizabeth's pardon. Shortly after Will leaves, Governor Swann, Elizabeth's father, tries to flee Port Royal with her, but he is arrested by Beckett's aide Mercer, and Beckett allows Elizabeth to go after Will, giving her the Letters of Marque.

Jack escapes a Turkish prison after acquiring a drawing of a key he desires, but his compass fails to provide him a heading. In the brig of the Black Pearl, Jack reunites with Will's father Bootstrap Bill, who joined the crew of Davy Jones to escape his fate trapped on the seabed. Bootstrap reminds Jack of the deal he made with Jones thirteen years ago to raise the Black Pearl from the depths, and now he must either join his crew or be dragged to Jones’ Locker by his "pet", the Kraken. The panicked Jack gets his crew to take the ship to land, ending up on Pelegosto where he is praised as a god by the cannibalistic locals who intend on eating him. Will arrives on the island and is taken captive, but he and other surviving crew members escape to the Black Pearl, followed swiftly by Jack, and are joined by Pintel and Ragetti who escaped prison. The crew visit voodoo priestess Tia Dalma, Jack's old flame, who reveals the key unlocks the Dead Man's Chest, which Jones put his own heart into after being betrayed by his lover centuries ago. Tia Dalma tells Jack where to find Jones’ ship the Flying Dutchman and gives him a jar of dirt as a weapon, since Jones can only step on land once every ten years.

Jack forces Will onto a shipwreck, only for the actual Flying Dutchman to emerge from the ocean and he is taken prisoner onboard by Jones and his fish-like crew. Jones confronts Jack, who makes a deal to break his debt if he brings Jones one-hundred souls in three days but Will has to stay on the Dutchman where he reunites with his father. Learning Will made no pledge to serve Jones, Bootstrap helps him escape the ship, Will stealing the key from Jones while he sleeps in his cabin. Will promises to use the heart to free his father. Jack goes to Tortuga to recruit new crewmates, meeting with Elizabeth, who stowed away on the Edinburgh Trader merchant ship, and Norrington, who has become a drunkard following his resignation and losing his ship and crew whilst chasing Jack through a hurricane. Both join the Black Pearl, Jack realising that if Beckett gains Jones’ heart then he will rule the seas. Norrington eavesdrops, planning to get the heart in order to regain his life and honour. Will hitches a ride on the Edinburgh Trader, which is destroyed by the Kraken, and Jones realises Jack is after the chest.

All parties arrive on Isla Cruces but a three-way sword fight breaks out between Jack, Will and Norrington to pursue their own goals, but Jones’ crew also fight Elizabeth, Pintel and Ragetti. In the chaos, Jack unlocks the chest, removes the heart, and hides it in the jar of dirt, only for Norrington to secretly remove it and then pretends to sacrifice himself by drawing the Dutchman crew off with the chest, which he gives to them. Jack, Will, Elizabeth and the Black Pearl crew are confronted by the Flying Dutchman but the Black Pearl is able to outrun it. Jones summons the Kraken which traps the Black Pearl. Jack discovers the heart is missing and attempts to abandon his crew, but returns when he sees the Kraken destroying the ship, and wounds the Kraken with a net full of explosives. Jack orders the survivors to abandon ship, only to be chained to the mast by Elizabeth so the others can escape. Jack manages to escape, but confronts the Kraken and charges into its mouth to kill it, but it drags the Black Pearl to the Locker.

Jones discovers his heart is missing. Norrington reaches Port Royal, presenting the heart to Beckett. Will, Elizabeth, Gibbs, Pintel, Ragetti, Marty and Cotton return to Tia Dalma's house, where she asks if they wish to rescue Jack from the locker, to which they agree. Tia Dalma comments they will need a captain who is familiar with the waters. The aforementioned captain appears, revealed to be the resurrected Captain Barbossa, who asks what has become of "his" ship.

In a post-credits scene, the Port Royal prison guard dog is made the new chief of the cannibals at Pelegosto, and all the cannibals start acting like him.

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