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Description : A backwoods community who worship a pit with apparent healing powers. Dawai (Sean Bridgers) creates jugs of faces from clay, and when a jug portrays the face of a member of the community, that person must then be sacrificed to the creature that lives in the pit.
Ada (Lauren Ashley Carter) has been having sex with her brother, Jessaby (Daniel Manche), and returns from the woods to find her own face on Dawai's latest jug. Scared, she hides the jug and keeps it a secret. After discovering she is to be "joined" to a boy from another family, Bodey (Mathieu Whitman), Ada fears that her mother, Loriss (Sean Young) will discover that she is no longer a virgin and feigns a period for when her mother inspects her. During a party celebrating Ada and Bodey's "joining", Ada goes to her sickly grandfather, who is ostracized from the community, and reveals to him that she was the next face on the jug knowing that he is unable to reveal her secret.
On a ride into town to sell moonshine with her father, Sustin (Larry Fessenden), Ada asks him if anyone ever said no to being joined, he tells her it's a woman's job to have babies. She then asks if the pit has ever taken a baby, to which he replies yes, it has. At the store, Ada steals a pregnancy test which comes up positive.
While washing clothes with Bodey's sister, Eileen (Jennifer Spriggs), Ada collapses and goes into a possessed state in which she has a vision of Eileen being slaughtered by the creature from the pit. Parts of Eileen's body are found trailing towards the pit, where her mother breaks down in tears but sounds off a horn signalling to the community that the pit has taken another life.
The community are suspicious of Dawai as Eileen's face was yet to appear on a jug. He himself does not understand why he didn't "see" it coming. Ada arrives, inquiring about where the missing jug is, and telling him to simply recreate the face he sees in his mind. While in Dawai's cabin, Ada finds a jug he made of an unborn fetus which he claims he dismissed as nothing since no one in town had a baby. That night when Ada returns, her mother inspects her body to see if she is a virgin and discovers that she's not. She punishes Ada by burning her with a cigarette and flaking off the skin on her knuckles. Asked who impregnated her, Ada says it was no one and she did it to herself. That night she informs Jessaby that she is pregnant.
The following day, the community gather around the pit as Dawai presents his latest jug. Bodey. Susten proclaims what a great honor it is to be chosen by the pit. Whilst everyone is gathered around, Bodey kneels down and has his throat slit over the pit by Susten.
Soon after, Ada goes to visit her grandfather again. She is the only one who takes care of him. While at his caravan, she sees a vision of an emaciated boy (Ada refers to him as "one of the shunned") who tells her she must "stop". The vision sits beside her grandfather and tells Ada he hid his wife's jug face the same as she did, and though the boy forgave, they (the community) did not and poisoned her grandfather as punishment. Ada asks him what happens if she doesn't want to die, and he replies "you must".
Later, Jessaby tells Susten that he's sick, so they go to ask the pit to heal him. Ada is cautious, saying that it's too soon and The Pit might still be mad. Susten replies "It ain't. We give it a life when it wants it, and it heals us when we need it. Been like that since we first survived the pox." At The Pit, Jessaby strips down and climbs into it covering himself with the water whilst Susten recites a prayer. Ada runs after them and has another vision. This time Jessaby is slaughtered. Susten tries to pull his son out of the pit but he fails and Jessaby is killed.
As it seems Dawai has failed again in predicting the death, he is severely beaten and punished by the community with Ada as his only comrade. Dawai is then tied to a try beside the pit and left to be taken. Ada decides to leave, tells her grandfather of her plans, breaks Dawai free and they run off. Ada attempts to sell moonshine to the owner, and while waiting has another vision of Bodey's mother being murdered by the creature. The storeowner calls Susten, so Ada and Dawai are brought back to the community where they are both punished for their misdeeds. Assuming that since they ran off together and Ada was no longer a virgin, everyone believes it is Dawai who Ada has been having a relationship with. After receiving severe whippings, Ada miscarries her child and then reveals to her parents that it was her brother's baby and she loved him.
Ada runs off to her grandfather's to speak to the Shunned Boy, who appears. Ada asks how to stop it, and he tells her she knows how and there's no other way. Susten goes to Dawai at the pit and questions him about Ada and reveals that she lost her baby. Ada has a vision of her father being attacked, and the creature kills him. Dawai sounds the horn.
Ada reveals to everyone that she was the jug face that Dawai thought he had lost and that all the deaths are her fault for keeping the secret. Her mother tells her she will make it right the next day and ties her up beside Dawai next to the Pit. That night, the Shunned Boy and Ada's grandfather appear and free her from her ropes, but she won't leave because she knows Dawai will be killed. So, she elects to stay.
The next morning, Ada's mother finds her free of her ropes but kneeling beside the Pit. Everyone gathers around, and Ada apologizes for everything that happened. Her throat is slit over the Pit and she is sacrificed. The film ends with Dawai taking his original jug face of Ava back to his workshop and lighting a candle next to it. He then sits on his chair, alone in his workshop.

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