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Description : Angelina is a seven year old brilliant and talented girl, but with an undeniably spoiled personality. After her first yaya (nanny) gets hospitalized because of her disobedience (A fire occurred prior to her hospitalization; Angelina was the cause of the fire because the nanny was teaching the latter how to grill), her parents decide to find her another yaya which would combat her attitude. After a lot of applicants quit the job due to Angelina's attitude, a woman named Rosalinda "Cha-Cha" Lucero applies for the job, and is accepted. She assumes the job of looking after Angelina as an easy task, to which the latter proves otherwise. Shortly thereafter, some tragedies occur, which obviously Angelina is to blame: putting a can of beer in a microwave oven at a supermarket, causing an explosion at the said supermarket; fighting with her schoolmate in a zoo; and going to the top of a belfry of a church whilst the rest of her family attends a wedding therein. Angelina's mom decides to discharge Rosalinda if she causes any more problems. Rosalinda is frustrated upon learning this, to which Angelina tries to make her happy, only to cause Rosalinda to be fired after accidentally killing her father's pet fish. Because her parents conclude a nanny cannot help their daughter, Angelina lives momentarily without a yaya. With no one to protect her, Angelina is accidentally kidnapped by a group of terrorists after overhearing their plan to murder the Duchess of Wellington, who has arrived from (presumably) England to visit Angelina's school. After receiving no response from her busy parents, Angelina calls Rosalinda. Angelina describes a place near a warehouse (she sees the words LOSER, which is really part of a sign which reads ManoLO SERvice Center). Doubting Angelina's words, Rosalinda discharges her call. Later on, Rosalinda is convinced to help Angelina in order to prove the latter's sincerity. She goes to the church nearby, where she rememberes the bell ringing while Angelina was calling. There she sess the word LOSER, which pertains to Manolo Service Center. She realizes at once that the terrorists' hideout is near. At the warehouse, she finds Angelina, and saves her. Meanwhile, Angelina's parents assume that Rosalinda kidnapped Angelina as revenge for firing her, which is eventually negated. After Angelina's narrow escape, the terrorists' leader, Eve, kidnaps her parents. The only way to save them is to have Angelina give a bomb-ridden bouquet of flowers to the Duchess of Wellington as she makes her speech. Rosalinda manages to avert the incoming crisis by switching it with another set of flowers. Upon getting the bomb-ridden flower, Rosalinda arrives inside Eve's bus and starts a cat fight with her. Seeing that her plan has been foiled, Eve takes Angelina captive. Rosalinda tracks them down until she reaches the rooftop. She engages Eve once again to a catfight, but as the two women fight each other, the billboard behind them crashes down, trampling Eve but miraculously leaves Rosalinda and Angelina unscathed. The terrorists eventually become powerless after Eve's demise. Angelina's parents decide to make Rosalinda as Angelina's permanent yaya. The Duchess' plows on with her speech and awards Angelina and Rosalinda for their bravery. Near the end of the film, Rosalinda's backside is written with the word "LOSER", and Angelina's is drawn with wings. Keywords : Watch movie online | Watch Yaya Angelina 2009 online | Online movies | Movies free Yaya Angelina 2009 | Yaya Angelina 2009 online movie | Watch free movie online | Watch Yaya Angelina 2009 online movies | Free Tagalog Movie | Pinoy Movies | Asian Movies | Hollywood Movies | War Movies | Animated Movies | Bollywood Movies | Tagalog movie online | Watch free tagalog movie online Thanks for watching Yaya Angelina 2009 Full Movie


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