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Description : It is revealed Cara (Marian Rivera) has the ability to foresee the future using her grandmother Lola Auring's (Gloria Romero) tarot cards. This causes her mother Dianna (Susan Africa), much dismay. The next day, Cara predicts the deaths of two people; her father (who is shot) and Lola (who has a heart attack). At their funerals, Dianna puts the tarot cards in Lola's casket. 15 years later, Cara and her boyfriend Miguel (Dennis Trillo) are lost during a hiking trip when it starts to rain. The two take shelter in a cave. The next morning, Cara finds Miguel missing. Cara, her best friend, Faye (Roxanne Guinoo)and another group of hikers begin looking for Miguel. An incoming storm forces Faye and the other hikers to stop the search. However, Cara refuses without Miguel and continues searching for him. Eventually, Cara returns home, overcome with guilt that she was unable to find Miguel. When Dianna and Faye come to check on Cara, they find her unconscious and take her to the hospital. After Cara recovers, she insists that she must use her grandmother's tarot cards to find Miguel but Dianna believes the cards will cause any harm. Cara is adamant, citing her love for Miguel and Dianna reluctantly agrees. They go to the cemetery to recover the tarot cards from Lola's grave. They find the cards clasped in Lola’s hands. Cara takes them and reads a chant that her grandmother had always recited. She has a vision that she should return to the forest. Cara and the other hikers return to the forest to continue looking. A butterfly, like the one on the cards leads Cara to the place where Miguel disappeared which turns out to be an open hole. They find Miguel's shoe where he fell in the hole and Sol (Alwyn Uytingco) notices that they should go to the house. They find Miguel and the hikers began to apprehend the old man (Dante Rivero) who tried to warn them that he is trying to help Miguel. At the hospital, Miguel began recalling his past of his disappearance to Cara. Keywords : Watch movie online | Watch Tarot 2009 online | Online movies | Movies free Tarot 2009 | Tarot 2009 online movie | Watch free movie online | Watch Tarot 2009 online movies | Free Tagalog Movie | Pinoy Movies | Asian Movies | Hollywood Movies | War Movies | Animated Movies | Bollywood Movies | Tagalog movie online | Watch free tagalog movie online Thanks for watching Tarot 2009 Full Movie


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