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Description : Keywords : Watch movie online | Watch njustice: Gods Among Usonline | Online movies | Movies free njustice: Gods Among Us| njustice: Gods Among Us online movie | Watch free movie online | Watch njustice: Gods Among Usonline movies | Free Tagalog Movie | Pinoy Movies | Asian Movies | Hollywood Movies | War Movies | Animated Movies | Bollywood Movies | Tagalog movie online | Watch free tagalog movie online Thanks for watching njustice: Gods Among Us Full Movie The first week of the Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena has concluded! For starters, what’s the Battle Arena? Here’s a PR release from DC Comics: FOR THE NEXT 10 WEEKS, THE ROSTER OF LEGENDARY DC COMICS CHARACTERS WILL ENTER THE INJUSTICE BATTLE ARENA. EACH WEEK, A NEW PAIR OF CHALLENGERS WILL ENTER THE ARENA, AS FANS ARE GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO VOTE ON WHO THEY BELIEVE WOULD COME OUT AS CHAMPION. EVERY MONDAY, COMBATANTS WILL BE REVEALED IN WEEKLY MATCH-UP VIDEOS. DETAILING THE SKILLS, ATTRIBUTES AND TECHNOLOGY OF THE WEEK’S COMPETING DC COMICS WARRIORS, THE VIDEOS ALSO INCLUDE MAN-ON-THE-STREET AND CELEBRITY EXPERTS EXPLAINING WHICH CHARACTER IN THE BATTLE HAS EARNED THEIR VOTE. ALL VOTES AND SUBMISSIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY THURSDAY NIGHT, AND THE RESULTS WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN A FINAL FIGHT VIDEO, SHOWING THE ALL-OUT BATTLES AND ULTIMATE VICTOR OF THAT WEEK’S MATCH-UP. The first match-up is between the Dark Knight Batman vs. the Venom-infused super villain Bane! Check out the video below to see who won!


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