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Description : Rock Polotan (Concepcion) and Tracy Fuentebella (Dos Santos) are teenage sweethearts and both nursing students in a university in Manila are in love and full of dreams. A youthful indiscretion leads them to early parenthood, a situation they face squarely, and quite maturely, by planning to get married. They shortly realize, however, that the problem behind their wedding plans has less to do with themselves than with their own parents. Rock’s parents are an oddball couple with odd professions. Pol Polotan (Ogie Alcasid) is a one-hit-wonder composer now reduced to teaching guitar lessons to neighborhood kids. His sassy wife (Eugene Domingo) has the entrepreneurial smarts to be a caterer, even if it means her clientele are bereaved families at funeral parlors. Always struggling to rise above life’s hard knocks, the Polotans (like your average Filipino family) manage to get by somehow through their keen sense of humor, resilience and resourcefulness. At the other end of the social spectrum is Tracy’s family, the Fuentebellas. A landowner son of a retired general, Tracy’s father, Nick Fuentebella (Gary Valenciano), is a stuffed-shirt husband with more skills as a businessman than as a family man. Alienated by his passiveness and lack of ardor, his wife Elaine (Zsa Zsa Padilla) and daughter Tracy are mostly left to fend for themselves, when it comes to their own needs and problems. It also doesn’t help that Nick’s military father (Jaime Fabregas) is a closed-minded conservative with no allowances for human frailties. When the families finally meet for the eventual “pamamanhikan” at the palatial Fuentebella residence, what starts as a civilized encounter between two families escalates into a hilarious rich-versus-poor mano-a-mano where Tracey's grandfather (Jaime Fabregas) insulted the Polotan's family, a scenario that turns the mansion into a madhouse of outlandish proportions which resulted in Rock and Tracey's separation.[6][7] Rock got depressed and did not leave his room for three days. He was confronted by his mother Rose, saying that life must go on. Rose thinks her son is still young for fatherhood, so she is not in favor of the marriage. Nick thinks the family would be in shame if Tracy will raise a child with no father, so he wants the wedding to push through as soon as possible. Elaine, who also got pregnant at a young age does not want her daughter to experience a forced marriage and gets trap in a loveless marriage as what had happened to her and his husband, Nick.[8] Elaine suggested that it would be better if Tracey would just go to the USA and give birth there, but before Tracey's departure, Rock was able to sneak into Tracy's room, and they elope. The two then sent an MMS to their families stating that they got married in the City hall. The two parties become so depressed because of Rock and Tracey's decision. Elaine, seems to be disappointed with Nick. She thinks that Nick is not a good father to Tracy so their daughter grew up to be imperfect person. She decides to leave, but on her way out of the estate, Nick stops her and proposes his undying love, stating that it would be best if they will try to start again. On the other hand, Rose and Pol also renew their love. Meanwhile, Brent (Coleta), Rock's bestfriend who is a closeted gay and is secretly in love with Rock, professes his love when they were drunk but the two remain best friends. In the end, the two families are able to accept the fate of Rock and Tracey who become parents at 19. The movie ends with the cast singing "Pag-Ibig", and "I Do Bidoo Bidoo". Keywords : Watch movie online | Watch I Do Bidoo Bidoo 2012 online | Online movies | Movies free I Do Bidoo Bidoo 2012 | I Do Bidoo Bidoo 2012 online movie | Watch free movie online | Watch I Do Bidoo Bidoo 2012 online movies | Free Tagalog Movie | Pinoy Movies | Asian Movies | Hollywood Movies | War Movies | Animated Movies | Bollywood Movies | Tagalog movie online | Watch free tagalog movie online Thanks for watching I Do Bidoo Bidoo 2012 Full Movie


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